All bases need to have shipment documents sent to them within 7 days after a shipment picks up. Some bases issue a letter of warning (LOW) for not sending the paperwork, while others wait until we bill the shipment and then deny the billing because they do not have the documents. Our billing department then has to request the documents from the origin agent and resubmit the billing – a time consuming process that holds up payments.

NFC is pleased to announce that as of February 1st, 2017, our origin agents will be relieved of the responsibility of forwarding origin documentation to the PPSO.  However, we do have a few requests in order to make the transition seamless. 

  • The origin agents should aim to submit all origin documentation within 1-3 days of pickup to  These documents include: Rated GBL, weights, inventory (carton and stick inventory) and DD619.
  • Rating of the GBL simply requires the Gross, Tare, Net and Pro Gear weight totals are filled in Block 28. 
  • If your invoice is ready at the time you have all your paperwork prepared, simply include your invoice as the first page of your PDF file. 
  • A single PDF containing all requested documentation is required.  We are unable to accept emails containing multiple attachments.
  • If the driver has not returned the weights and inventory by the 4th business day after pickup, please contact our office. 
  • If we have not received the documents by the 4th business day after pickup we will reach out to the OA via email and ask for a paperwork status update.
  • If we have not heard from the OA by the morning of the 6th business day, a second and final attempt will be made to obtain the paperwork from the OA.  If the paperwork has not been received and processed by end of the 7th business day, the OA stands to receive a 5% deduction to their Origin Service Commission for failure to submit paperwork in a timely manner.

Agent Link Customers

  • If you are submitting your documents via Agent Link, we receive a copy, so there is no need to submit them to NFC via email.


Below are the typical documents for a military move: