Pioneers, Leaders, Experts

Our Transportation Service Agreements (TSAs) provide economies of scale giving our TSP Partners access to sophisticated systems, experienced personnel and a high volume of business, producing a collaboration which allows our partners to achieve results which they could not achieve independently. Working together, we are greater than the sum of our individual parts. Here are some of the benefits in partnering with NFC:

  • NFC pioneered the concept of providing an all-encompassing transportation management system for other TSPs participating in the DOD Personal Property Program going back to 1985.
  • NFC has the most experienced management team in the industry, with that experience pertaining directly to the DOD Personal Property Program (DP3). NFC is one of the few TSPs awarded contracts under both the Reengineering Pilot Program and Full-Service Moving Project, predecessor programs of DP3. Our personnel have leadership roles in IAM and AMSA and have direct discussions with USTRANSCOM.
  • NFC is one of the of the largest participants in the DOD Personal Property Program providing enough business to meet the needs of our agents, haulers and TSP Partners on a year-round basis.
  • NFC has clear, straightforward and equitable compensation schedules in place for our origin agents, haulers, and TSP Partners. Everyone shares in revenue based upon the billed amount with the discount disclosed on the bill of lading.
  • NFC pays its agents, haulers and TSP Partners faster than anyone in the industry. No one pays more quickly or dependably. We maintain our own EDI process, allowing us to bill our shipments immediately upon delivery. NFC’s origin agents and TSP Partners are paid via electronic funds transfer as soon as the shipment is billed.
  • NFC’s TSP Partners control their shipments and have the right of first refusal to provide their own origin and linehaul transportation services.
  • NFC’s TSP Partners are enrolled in our First Hauler Fleet according them priority access to all NFC shipments prior to the shipments being made available to other interline carriers.
  • NFC’s TSP Partners enjoy Preferred Agent Status making them the first choice for origin and destination services in their area of operation.
  • NFC maintains hauling agreements with all major van lines as well as most regional carriers that provide outstanding customer service and who want to work with NFC because of its transparency and fair and equitable compensation schedules.
  • NFC has a comprehensive performance management system assessing the service provided by our agents and haulers. It includes immediate feedback based upon our Move Manager reports as well as a monthly report consolidating all of the services that they performed.
  • NFC is affiliated with National Van Lines, Inc. (NVL) but it maintains separate operations and personnel in all aspects of its business, allowing it to concentrate on the DOD Personal Property Program and the needs of its agents and TSP Partners. NFC functions as an independent third-party relocation company but NVL hauling resources are available to NFC on a priority basis.
  • NFC’s affiliation with NVL is a great asset. The Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of NVL, Tim Helenthal, is an 18-year veteran of NFC, having served as NFC’s Vice President of Agency Development prior to his appointment at NVL. He knows DOD business from the ground up and is fully supportive of NFC’s operations and business model.
  • NFC is 100% employee owned, resulting in a secure future based upon its stability of ownership and management. There are no leveraged buyouts in our future. Our employees come to work empowered to give their best because it’s their company too. Our motto is “Employee Owned, Employee Strong” and we take that to heart.
  • NFC is a DOD Approved TSP. We have a real stake in the DOD Personal Property Program and our performance and the performance of our TSP Partners in it.

It is difficult to go it alone. There is strength in numbers, and becoming part of a transportation network results in economies of scale which cannot be realized alone. The question is who should you partner with? The reputation and business practices of the organization you partner with will be seen as your own as well. At NFC, we have a loyal family of agents, haulers, and TSP Partners who want to work with us because they know that they will receive honest and fair treatment from a management team that is a part of and cares about this industry and all of its members – agents, haulers and individual drivers. We are all in this together. For more information call us at 800-323-9125 or email