Below contains information regarding base access for commercial transportation partners of household goods. NFC compiles the information as received with the date posted and source of information.  Please note this is not an all inclusive list. If you have updates or corrections, please email Agent & Business Services at

Motor Carrier Installation Access, General Information June 17, 2022, ODASD Logistics


USTC released Advisory 22-0076 providing information on Motor Carrier Installation Access from ODASD (Logistics).

The goal of the Department of Defense is to standardize installation access procedures for commercial transportation partners. The bulletin provides a summary of those procedures and some frequently asked questions and answers concerning installation access.

Per the bulletin:
Installation Access Requirements: In order to gain unescorted access to a Department of Defense (DoD) installation, all individuals – including commercial drivers – must meet three criteria:
  • Identity – who the person is. Typically accomplished through presentation of appropriate government-issued credential.1 Examples include REAL ID-compliant driver license, Transportation Worker Identity Credential (TWIC), or passport.
  • Fitness – have no outstanding warrants, convictions for disqualifying offenses, terror connections, or other conditions that would make a person a risk to the installation or personnel. Typically accomplished through an on-the-spot records (background) check.
  • A small minority of DoD installations also require U.S. citizenship for unescorted access. This is not a DoD-wide requirement, but rather based on the unique mission requirements of certain installations. DoD is working to clearly identify these unique installation requirements in the TFG.
  • Presently, each Military Service has their own standard for fitness, meaning it is possible for a driver to be determined fit at an installation in one Service but denied at an installation in another Service. Fitness standards at installations within a single Service must be consistent with that Service’s standard. DoD is working to establish a DoD-wide standard for fitness in late 2022.
  • Purpose – demonstrated need to gain access to the installation. Can be accomplished through bill of lading or work order.
If an individual meets all three criteria, he or she is then granted unescorted access.
The bulletin can be read in its entirety which includes a FAQ section by clicking here.
Nine Military Bases to be renamed in 2023


Nine military bases are set to be re-named in 2023. The new names are part of a larger effort by the Pentagon to scrub references to Confederate military leaders and commemoration of rebel victories. This article from Time magazine by W. J. Hennigan provides insight into the name changes and new honorees.

 Old Name, State

 New Name

 Effective Date

Fort Pickett, VA

Fort Barfoot

March 24, 2023

Fort Rucker, AL

Fort Novosel

April 10, 2023

Fort Lee, VA

Fort Gregg-Adams

April 27, 2023

Fort Hood, TX

Fort Cavazos

May 9, 2023

Fort Benning, GA

Fort Moore

May 11, 2023

Fort Bragg, NC

Fort Liberty

June 2, 2023

Fort Polk, LA

Fort Johnson

June 13, 2023

Fort A.P. Hill, VA

Fort Walker

August 25, 2023

Fort Gordon, GA

Fort Eisenhower

October 27, 2023


Bangor Trident Naval Base, WA, March 17, 2023, Mr. Daniel Bradley


This base has very strict rules regarding how they allow civilians to access the base. The military member or spouse MUST ALWAYS meet the crews at the gate to be escorted on and off the base. They are VERY strict about this. Make sure to remind the customer about this prior to your arrival.

Eglin AFB, FL, January 23, 2023, Mr. Richard Huntz


NORTH GATE CLOSURE: The North Gate (Commercial Vehicle Inspection Gate) will be closed on all Federal Holidays, Sundays, and all AFMC down days identified below.  Crews will be turned away if attempting entry during these times. (Additionally, Saturdays the North Gate is open from 0600-1200.

 Date  Note
 Friday, 26 May 2023  in conjunction with Memorial Day
 Friday, 16 June 2023  in conjunction with Juneteenth Day
 Monday, 3 July 2023  in conjunction with Independence Day
 Friday, 1 September 2023  in conjunction with Labor Day
 Friday, 6 October 2023  in conjunction with Columbus Day
 Monday, 13 November 2023  in conjunction with Veteran's Day
 Friday, 24 November 2023   in conjunction with Thanksgiving Day
 Tuesday, 26 December 2023  in conjunction with Christmas Day


Fort Belvoir, VA, April 27, 2023, State Department Powerpoint


Below is the Fort Belvoir Fitness Determination.  Individuals with any of these convictions on their background will be denied access.  
  • Current Arrest Warrant
  • Any felony convictions within the last 10 years (April 2023-April 2024).
  • Identified in the Terrorism Screening Database (TSDB).
  • Registered sex offender.
  • Unable to verify individual identity (Identity proofing).
  • The individual is barred from Fort Belvoir.
  • Felony convictions for firearms or explosives.   (no time frame)
  • Convictions for sexual offense, armed robbery, rape, child molestation / pornography, trafficking in humans, drug distribution / trafficking / manufacturing.   (no time frame)
  • Convictions of espionage, sabotage, treason, terrorism or murder / homicide, manslaughter.   (no time frame)
  • Engaged in acts or activities designed to overthrow the U.S. Government by force.   (no time frame)
  • Criminal arrest information presenting a potential threat to the good order, discipline, or health and safety.   (no time frame)
NO TIME FRAME - Individuals that have any of these convictions on their background will be denied access, no matter the date of conviction.
  • Background checks will be completed on arrival to Fort Belvoir.  This will only take a few minutes per individual.
  • Visitors accessing in a commercial vehicle will need to drive in through the Commercial Lane at Tulley Gate (open 24 hrs).  The Security Guards will process them and issue an access pass valid for 30 days.  This pass can be renewed.
  • Visitors accessing in a non-commercial vehicle will process through the Visitor Center at Tulley Gate.
Visitor Center contact information:
If you have questions regarding installation access, or if you would like this information emailed to you, please contact the Visitor Center. 
Email:   usarmy.belvoir.imcom-atlantic.mbx.des-visitor-control-center@army.mill
Phone:  703-806-4892  
Fort Gregg-Adams, VA (formerly known as Fort Lee) April 21, 2023, Ms. Sandra McCandies
Peak season is approaching soon and we want to make sure that drivers and the packers are able to enter the installation at Fort Lee, VA. The name will be changed on 27 Apr 2023 to Fort Gregg-Adams. To prevent anyone from being turned around at the gate and a delay in the delivery of the customer’s household goods. Please follow these instruction this email only applies for deliveries at this installation.
Please see attached, the DES Form 190-3 is an induvial form, DES Form 190-2 is group and DES Form 190-4 is completed if a waiver is needed. All drivers and their packers must complete these forms and submit back to my office to be vetted to be able to access the installation. 
Fort Lee conducts ID checks of all adults (18 years and older) entering the post, with the exception of those vouched for under the Trusted Traveler program. Website: (at the bottom of the page select: visitor information)
Anyone coming to Fort Lee for the FIRST TIME without a federal identification card, or with an expired access pass, MUST go to the Visitor Control Center (VCC) with a valid government-issued photo ID (such as a driver's license) to receive an initial background check. Those already entered into the system with a valid access pass, or possessing a Common Access Card (CAC), Military ID, Military Dependent ID, or a federal government-issued PIV, may enter post as normal.
FIRST TIME visitors or those with an expired pass MUST register at the VCC, which is open 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. weekdays. No passes will be approved after normal operational hours. FIRST TIME visitors may expedite this process by submitting a pre-approval request using either DES Form 190-3 (individual request) or DES Form 190-2 (group request). The pre-approval is encouraged for those personnel outside of the state / local area. All pre-approval requests submitted will be processed within three business days (holidays and weekends excluded). Submit pre-approval requests to
The VCC will contact the sponsor to validate the visitor's request and the sponsor's responsibility for their guests prior to the guest being authorized access to the installation. All adults are required to possess a valid photo ID. All juveniles without valid ID must be accompanied by an adult family member.
Drivers must be able to present upon request:
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Proof of current insurance
Access Denial Waiver
Individuals denied access based on derogatory information obtained from a background check, may apply for a waiver. You will be eligible to access the installation if the waiver is granted.
To request a waiver file a DES Form 190-4 Waiver Application
DES FORM 190-4, along with attached pages, must be notarized.
Send completed package by mail to:
Department of the Army
Dukes Welcome Center
ATTN: Director of Emergency Services
500 Lee Ave
Fort Lee VA, 23801
- OR - 
Hand deliver completed package in a sealed envelope addressed as above to the Visitor Control Center.
NOTE: If you are unable to download a form, you can request one be sent to you via e-mail.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Becker at (804) 734-4190. If you are unable to reach him feel free to contact me at (804) 765-7028 or follow up with an email and include everyone on the cc line.


Fort Novosel, AL (formerly Fort Rucker), May 30, 2023, George Bellon


It is mandatory that all crew members have a STAR ID or valid passport to gain entry.  In lieu of this, a temporary solution is to complete the REQUEST FOR A FORT RUCKER VISITOR PASS (SPONSORED) and email George Bellon at  He can be reached at 334-475-5417.     

Fort Stewart, GA, May 19, 2023, Ms. Annie R. McWatt


Fort Stewart has a system in place to check incoming commercial drivers' virility.  Please complete this document in type form and send back to me for AIE check. With this check there will not be any issue entering the installation.

1809 GA HWY 144, BLDG 8062
(P) (912) 435-3851
(P) (912) 610-5557
NAWS China Lake, CA, March 17, 2023, Mr. James Bode

Transportation Service Providers (TSP) requiring access to the NAWS China Lake installation to service household good pickups or deliveries must submit a SECNAV 5512 for each crew member via fax to (760) 939-0949 at least 2 weeks prior to performing move services for the vetting process which also requires 2 forms of ID as described in the form. Please ensure the form is completely filled out prior to submission. Any questions about the process or form should be addressed to the NAWS China Lake Pass and ID office at (760) 939-3160 or (760) 939-3154.