Professional Books, Papers & Equipment (PBP&E/Pro-Gear)

In May of 2014, the allowance for pro-gear was reduced to 2000 lbs for the military member and 500 lbs for the spouse. This amount is deducted from the actual weight of the shipment.  

The pro-gear must be separated by the customer and packed in boxes with its contents listed on the inventory.  No longer is just the word 'pro-gear' allowed; the actual contents, such as flight jacket or reference material must be listed along with the weight. The method of weighing must also be documented for each line item.

The 500 pound of spouse pro-gear will be allowed if their profession has been annotated on the 1299. The spouse's pro-gear must be listed on its own inventory sheet and as described below.

Example (member):    4.5 ctn - flight jacket - M-PRO - 31.5# Constructive

Example (spouse):    1.5 ctn - reference material - S-PRO - 28# Bathroom Scale

(The constructive weight above was figured using 7 pounds per cubic foot, and the bathroom scale was used and annotated as such. Under normal circumstances, one method would likely be used.)

Download our pro-gear calculator to help you.

NFC's Pro Gear Calculator