All parties that handle a shipment have some responsibilities under our policy, particularly origin agents. Please take a moment to review the steps below.

Origin Agent – Be certain to prepare a High Value/High Risk Inventory on each shipment. While the customer must be responsible for ensuring high value items (worth more than $100 per pound) are listed, the origin agent is responsible for making sure all “high risk items” are included. High risk items include cd’s, dvd’s, electronics, or any other pilferable item. The origin agent should also help to make sure that all high value items are listed.

Only the new HV/HR inventory that is government recognized is acceptable for use. It is also most desirable for you to prepare your own inventory of packed items. That way, you can ensure that High Value/High Risk Items are listed not only on the HV/HR inventory, but also on the regular inventory as required. Our special numbered security seals must go on the top and bottom of each HV/HR item, and seal numbers should be recorded on the HV/HR Inventory.

Haulers/Drivers – Items on the High Value/High Risk Inventory must also be on the regular inventory. Always check to make sure all items on a packing or HV/HR inventory are present before loading. Have a supply of blank High Value/High Risk Inventories on hand for use if the origin agent did not prepare one. If picking up from an origin agent’s warehouse and no HV/HR inventory is present, write on the rider that there is no HV/HR inventory. Seals already on cartons should be carefully inspected.

Destination Agents – If receiving a shipment into storage, and there is no High Value/High Risk Inventory, annotate on your rider that there was no HV/HR inventory given to you. When checking in a shipment, make certain that items on both the regular inventory and HV/HR inventory are present, and carefully inspect security seals. If seals look tampered with, the carton should be opened and checked.

At Delivery – There is a mandatory unpack of HV/HR items under NFC policy. The customer must initial each item in the right hand column, and sign at both origin and destination for NFC to have the full benefits of protection against claims.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Claims Department at (800) 325-6889.