The Moving Process

Whether this is your first move or your last, moving is always a stressful, and sometimes a confusing process. There are several different people involved; from the Personal Property Shipping Office, to the local moving agents, to the Transportation Service Provider (us). Below is a brief breakdown of the moving process we follow at National Forwarding Co., Inc. so you can better understand the steps to make your move a success and keep you at ease. 

  • Your shipment is awarded to us as the TSP through DPS by the PPSO. moving_12
  • We then contact a local agent in your origin area to commit to packing your shipment and sometimes hauling it to destination if they have the capacity.
  • Your shipment is then registered in our computer system and an email is sent to you introducing our company.
  • If your origin agent cannot haul your shipment we assign a hauler to commit to loading your shipment and bringing it to destination.
  • Approximately 1 to 2 weeks before your shipment is scheduled to be serviced you will be contacted by a Move Manager assigned to your shipment. This person will be your main point of contact for any questions or concerns you have for the duration of your move. They will also help guide you through the moving process giving you tips and calling you to check in throughout the move.
  • You will also be contacted by your origin agent sometime before the move is serviced to schedule a pre-move survey so they can be prepared for any and all of your needs when it is time to pack your shipment.
  • The day before your packing is scheduled to begin you will be contacted by your origin agent to give you a time frame for the arrival of your packing crew. The driver loading your shipment will follow this same procedure the day before your shipment is scheduled to be loaded.
  • Once your shipment is loaded, we will obtain an estimated time of arrival or ETA for delivery based upon the driver’s schedule. Keep in mind that there are several shipments that fit onto one trailer and ETA’s can change in-transit depending upon developments with those other shipments. It is very unusual for only one shipment to fill an entire trailer.
  • After we have received an ETA for delivery we will contact you and give the most up to date information we have and determine your availability for delivery. We will also keep you updated with any changes to the ETA so you can prepare for your delivery.
  • Depending upon your availability for delivery, the driver will deliver your shipment in one of two ways:
  • If you are available to accept delivery direct to your residence the driver will contact you the afternoon before with an estimated time for arrival the next day. The crew will then deliver your goods and reassemble items taken apart for loading and offer to unpack. The crew will also perform a one-time placement of all your unpacked items and remove any boxes and packing material from those items.
  • If you are not available to accept delivery direct to your residence when the driver arrives, your goods will be placed into temporary storage with our destination agent. When you are ready to accept delivery of your goods just contact us and we can schedule it for you. Again, the crew will then deliver your goods and reassemble items taken apart for loading and offer to unpack.
  • Regardless of which way the delivery goes once your shipment is delivered our Move Management team will follow up with you and go over the different parts of the move to gauge your satisfaction with the various crews that were involved with servicing your shipment.

If you would like to learn more about your move you can view the It’s Your Move guides from the SDDC for Civilian and Military moves.