NFC Agents

Agents Liability – Our charge back policy for FRV (Full Replacement Valuation) claims, is a limitation of 1.25 per pound per article for damages, with no liability limitation for loss, gross negligence, or a major incident including but not limited to a van or warehouse fire, accident, break-in, etc.

Estimate Fees – NFC splits any estimate fees that we incur between all parties responsible for the claim. We do not charge any claims fee or other fee for our time in obtaining the estimates or settling the claim.

Your Comments – Our system automatically emails any new claim to the agents involved in the move. Besides efficiency this also gets the claim to you faster, which is very important in the direct settlement environment. Even with our program for emailing the advance copies of claims, there may still be instances where we have already settled the claim by the time your comments are received. Therefore, it is important that you send your comments as soon as possible after you get the emailed claim. Please remember that you do not need to send us a comment on every claim – only those where you are aware of a situation that we may not be aware of, or have something out of the ordinary to relate. We will always check exceptions, riders and give consideration to all circumstances surrounding the claim. You also need not re-send comments you sent previously in reply to a Loss or Damage at Delivery Form.

Missing Items – There are times where we have to accept liability for missing items, where the carton itself appears to have delivered. In these instances, the liability is typically split between all parties, unless the origin agent does not follow the proper High Value/High Risk Procedure (see below). In those instances, the packer is liable for 100% of the loss, even if the item is not High Value (the last handler is always charged if the whole carton is missing, pending review of riders, etc.).

High Value/High Risk Procedure – there is now only one acceptable form, as it’s the official government recognized form. It has certain inherent protections to the carrier when used, such as an ability to decline liability for items not noted at delivery and limitation to $100.00 per pound for items not listed by customer, under certain circumstances. Both High Value (see form for specific list) and High Risk (CDs/DVDs, electronics, etc.) must be included. Numbered carton security seals must be used, and cartons both sealed and unpacked in front of the customer on both ends.

To learn more about the claims process, read the claims section of our [NFC’s Military Procedures Manual]. If you have any questions on our procedures call our Claims Department at 800-325-6889.


Transportation Service Providers

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