NFC's 2016 Peak Season Update

Peak season has started with a bang!  We are looking forward to a very successful season with EXCELLENT scores and rates available to our agents and haulers.  Please review our requests to make sure each shipment is serviced according to Military Regulations.  If you have questions, contact

  • Use the NFC PREMOVE SURVEY FORM - Our form should be filled out, signed by the customer and sent along with your cube sheet.  Please call the customer ASAP to set up the PREMOVE SURVEY and return to  this is vital information needed for Move Management.
  • All accessorial services must be on a signed 619 or 619-1 – including crates with dimensions & shuttle service (to be paid for shuttle, we need an approval, service listed on a signed 619 or 619-1, and tractor trailer weights from the day of loading) Shuttles must be requested PRIOR to performing.
  • ProGear must be annotated M-Pro or S-Pro on the inventory with a description of item and weight
  • Make sure the customer signs all documents and receives a copy
  • All shipments need a new light and heavy weight including NTS.  The Gross, Tare, Net and ProGear weight must be called or emailed to our office no later than 3 days after the load day and prior to delivery day. If a re-weigh is requested, it must be performed prior to delivery to residence or SIT and called into the office ASAP.  Send weight info to:
  • The driver must return weights and inventories to the origin agent ASAP.  Origin agents need to send the shipment docs to the base within 7 workdays.  Check our website for an updated base email list.  Origin agents should  contact our office if the driver has not returned the paperwork to your office:800-323-9125 or
  • Billing must receive full, individual, legible copies of weight tickets – photos do not transmit well and generally will not be used to bill and pay an agent’s invoice
  • Keep track of all parts and hardware – they are necessary for proper assembly
  • All military customers are entitled to a full unpack & debris removal on the day of delivery



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