We have a commitment to providing the best moving service available to our military customers. Success in DP3 requires outstanding customer service and the most important factor affecting our overall Customer Satisfaction Scores is the service provided by the origin agent. It sets the tone for the move and proves the old adage that “first impressions are lasting.” We need to work with agents that share that vision.

We’ve always been an “agent oriented” company. We also consider our agents (and haulers) to be our customers along with the military service member we are moving. If we want our agents to provide high quality service to our customers, we have to provide quality service to our agents as well. Here’s how we do that:img_141

  • We don’t use a complicated phone tree or voicemail. A person with experience answers the phone and sees to it that you receive the information you need and most times can answer your questions right then and there.
  • We have a clear straightforward compensation schedule.
  • We pay for services rendered based upon the discount at which the shipment is being billed. We don’t try to skim money off the top at the expense of our agents and haulers.
  • We are able to obtain authorization for accessorial services promptly.
  • We clear shipments for S.I.T. at destination promptly so our agents and haulers don’t have to waste time waiting for approval.
  • We have a proven Traffic Management System which provides for real time transmittal of shipment information to our agents and haulers.
  • We have comprehensive quarterly report which consolidates all the services that our agents provide and including complete shipment detail. Our agents know exactly where they stand.
  • Our tonnage list is easily accessible to our agents with the ability to analyze, sort and compare shipment data easily.

We’re serious when we say that we have an obligation to support our agents. As far as we are concerned, you are not just a link in a “supply chain”. You are a part of our agent family. The only requirement is a commitment to customer service. Nothing trumps our responsibility to provide our military customers with outstanding customer service!

If you would like to work with NFC, fill out the Agency Questionnaire, or Hauler Questionnaire, and return to agencyservices@nationalforwarding.com. We will review and be in touch with you within 24 hours.